1. Timothy

    nice article. Interesting history. Nice to see a company still has it after 300 years.

  2. Austin Meisel

    These are amazing! I am definitely jealous and curious how I get my hands on that pink striped one

  3. Patrick Rooney

    I can give you a bit more info on Rooney brushes if you want as it was our family business
    Regards Patrick Rooney

  4. Jacquie Butler

    Please can you put me in touch with Patrick Rooney. I am a Rooney descendant – my great grandfather was a Michael Rooney who was an overseas merchant in China in the 1800s. I have old share certificates of his with the address ‘Bishopsgate without’ which links with Rooney brushes. I have other ancestral information but would very much like to make contact with living descendants to learn more about the family.

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