1. Timothy

    useful article. Nice writing style.

  2. MichaelG

    I couldn’t agree more. I was lucky to find the right sized brush right off the bat and have stuck with brushes of about that size: 95-100 mm total height, with a loft of about 45mm and a diameter of about 20mm.

    I’ve tried a few slightly larger brushes, and they seem too big and lack precision in applying lather.

  3. lisa

    Hello, I ran across a wooden handle barber brush with a black face man with red lips and red and white uniform. Have you ever seen something like this? I’m having trouble with reseach it must ninthteenth century or older.

  4. Fido

    The fact is, we are all different. Personally I think a 22mm knot with a loft between 47 mm to 52 mm depending on hair type and density is ideal. But sometimes I enjoy variation. So now and again, it’s out with the Wee Scott and Polo14 – and that’s a monster!

  5. Oh man, I had forgotten about the size of Penworks’ display brushes. He mentioned he actually sold a couple, but I never thought I’d actually see one “in the wild.” Those things were enormous. You could easily lather your entire head with one.

    How large is that Penworks brush? Have you seen the Simpson display brushes too? Those were massive. Absolutely unusable.

    P.S. I love the analogy with the wristwatches. I cannot see the point. If your going to show something off, show off a tourbillon….

  6. @ASR Tourbillon to show off? Those are dress watches, and women love seeing the Rolex Submariner on their men. I’m thinking a Panerai or Parnis for starters; something beefy. And only men with muscles are able to show them off properly. Go big or go home, I say.

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