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Absolutely fascinating stuff and interesting to compare with the Edwin Jagger brush making video I posted earlier. This one is in Portuguese, but you can still see what is going […]

Peanut butter as shaving cream: The banned gay cat advertisement: W. C. Fields Shaving Scene from “It´s A Gift” (1934) Kids do dad shaving impression The Big Shave 1967 Martin […]

Sometimes it looks like the big shaving companies have an excellent sense of humour and that their marketing departments are just stringing the world’s males along for their own amusement. […]

This is actually pretty interesting. Obsidian is a form of volcanic glass that has no crystalline structure and as a result can easily form edges that are of molecular levels […]

In this blog I have pushed the excellent Mantic59 videos. These really set a very high standard for informing about traditional, real, shaving and it is well worth spending some […]

Today I thought you would enjoy these videos of masters of the shaving craft at work. You don’t have to visit Turkey to enjoy this treatment, there are plenty of […]

If you are into real, traditional shaving and hang around the interweb you are eventually going to come upon this. I have no need to explain it myself as Mantic59 […]

Beware, this contains excessive and unnecessary profanity. But the message he gets over is right. Many millions of men are victims of some very clever marketing.

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Real shaving, with a DE safety razor, is just like real ale in that big business tried to kill them both off so they could make more profit and both […]