Shaving brushes

Custom horse shaving brush

Regular readers here will know that I have a penchant for horse hair shaving brushes. Once most brushes were made of this hair, until there was an anthrax scare  (which […]

How big is yours?

There is a current fashion for ridiculously large wrist watches, you are not a real man without half a pound of steel strapped to your wrist, yet I remember when […]

My shaving brush collection

I have written here before about Acquisition Disorders (ADs) and for me the biggest is Shaving Brush Acquisition Disorder (SBAD). This is because there is more variety amongst brushes than […]

Simpson's Beaufort shaving brush

I just bought a Simpson’s Beaufort B1 pure badger shaving brush and thought that I would justify my actions here. For a hand made Simpson’s brush the Beaufort B1 is […]

Gary Young and Simpson's Brushes

Gary Young’s great uncle was Alexander Simpson, the founder of the Simpson’s shaving brush company, his father and grandfather were both managing directors of the company and now he is […]