And here is a massive money saving tip.

A lot of the very upmarket British gentlemen’s grooming companies (Some of whom are in my St James’s article) have their shaving creams (not their soaps) made up by a company called Creightons, of Peterborough in Cambridgeshire. Now Creightons also put out shaving cream under their own brand names at far, far lower prices. These, unsurprisingly, get rave reviews. The main difference from the prestige brands seems to be the smell.

Creighton own brands include:

The Natural Grooming Co.
The Real Shaving Company.
St James of London.

And you can buy them in some very cheap shops. Asda for instance. At a fraction of the price of the fancy brands.


  1. I was gifted a tube of The Real Shaving Co. double moisturizing shave cream. When I attempted to use it like any other English cream, I ended up channeling Smeagol, “it burns, it burns us”. Small wonder, it was “gifted” to me.

  2. I disagree real shaving co is low quality in IMO. The smell is horrible and lather subpar. I expected more from you Bruce your reviews are usually more spot on but this stuff is garbage.

    1. @Chris

      This is the joy of traditional shaving. Everything is individual and personal to you. What works for me may not work for you and vice versa. This comes up all the time on the forums and is something I have emphasised in this blog many times.

  3. I was told on another forum that Body Shop Maca Root shaving cream is also made by Creightons. I find the Real Shaving Co. cream similar in quality, but not quite as good as Body Shop, but still good.

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