July 2010

A nice eBay lot I missed out on

One of the great delights of real shaving is the wide range of different razors that you can own and use. This is a huge improvement from the monotony of […]

Real shaving whilst you travel

Real shaving, with a dual edged (DE) safety razor and lather generated with a brush, was the dominant way of shaving on planet earth for about 50 years, practised by […]

Beware, this contains excessive and unnecessary profanity. But the message he gets over is right. Many millions of men are victims of some very clever marketing.

Hunting down vintage razors

From the end of World War One till the invention of multibladed system razors most men in Britain used a double edged safety razor, they were enjoying real shaving. So […]

Some online resources

Real shaving, with a DE safety razor, is just like real ale in that big business tried to kill them both off so they could make more profit and both […]


Part of the enjoyment and fun of real shaving is that we have a long and rich heritage, Gillette founded his razor company in 1901. This means we can get […]

Listen to your shave

This may come as some surprise to those who use small electric lawnmowers or incredibly expensive multibladed system razors to shave with, but part of the tactile pleasure of real […]