Anti traditional shaving propaganda in India

With famous Indian actor Sachin Verma, using his acting skills to look unhappy using the traditional razor and really happy (+ getting female attention and a closer shave) when he uses the more expensive multibladed, patented, system razor. The exact opposite of the experience of all traditional shaving enthusiasts.

Presumably some of the population of India are rich enough now to have more money extracted from them for removing their facial hair and high powered marketing like this will get them to spend that money.


  1. Look at his technique with the safety razor. He poking at his face, I would grimace too!!! LOL

  2. Oh no! An advert that shows that the advertising company’s product is better than a rival product! This sort of thing has never happened anywhere before, EVER!!

  3. I maybe wrong but the guy is using a Gillette 7’O Clock Tech, so basically they are saying that their own product is bad XD

  4. Shaving is expensive

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