Bruce on shaving, our first month

This blog has now been going about a month, the first full day was the 7th of July. In that time there have been 3,300 visitors, so over 100 a day on average. My Bruce on Games blog would frequently get well over 3,300 visitors in a single day, so the numbers coming here are still very small. However, starting from nothing, this is still not too bad.

Visitors have come from 60 different countries or territories, with the UK and USA providing most. The average visitor went to over 2 pages, which is a lot when there are 10 articles on the front page, the average visit was for 4 minutes 22 seconds.

There are 48 articles on here now, so please make sure you haven’t missed something that might be important  to you, obviously I won’t keep this pace up so expect a reduction in the rate that new articles are generated. There have been 33 comments but a lot were from me. In fact Bruce on Games is still receiving more comments than here despite the fact that I have stopped writing there. So there is plenty of room for you to have your say on here and to contribute to the subjects. It is very easy to add a comment.

To save you visiting the site each day, you can receive the articles in three other ways. Firstly by taking the RSS feed which has a button on the site. Secondly with Twitter. And thirdly by “liking” the Bruce on Shaving page on Facebook.

Thank you very much for visiting Bruce on Games, I hope you found it interesting and useful. Please come back and please spread the word about traditional shaving.


  1. I read daily, even as a veteran wetshaver I learn quite a bit. Most impressed by your research for your articles.

  2. Never even heard of Bruce on Games. I have quite a bit of reading to do now! I’m surprised that you couldn’t continue to do both blogs.

    Good job with this one though!

  3. I can’t begin to tell you how much your research has paid me in dividends. First thing in the morning I turn to your blog. I look for your comments on TSR as well. The articles on shaving soaps and creams led me to Nanny’s Silly Soap and the wonderful down home person that Sharon is. I will try the lavender and herby one with the best and silvertip FS brushes this weekend. I returned to wet shaving in April this year and of course went straight to “the can”. After doing a little research on the internet, what a remarkable tool that is, I couldn’t believe the interest in shaving as well as the products offered. My first official shave, with the old man was August 19th 1964. Dad gave me his old boar brush that day, well used with cracks in the handle, as he purchased another for a buck or two. I still have the brush and gave it to my oldest son; the younger son snipped part of the hairs long ago and I’ll have to send a picture. All through Viet Nam we in the Navy did traditional shaving but I got away from it over time and ended up with an electric. SOooo glad I’m back into it again. Your blog and others have helped me cut through the fog and at the point in my life and career, I have the disposable income to try those new razors, soaps, brushes, blades and so on. Well, good on ya Bruce and I’m looking forward to your other discoveries. Robert Otten, Silverdale, Washington

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