Shaving with a lump of rock

This is actually pretty interesting. Obsidian is a form of volcanic glass that has no crystalline structure and as a result can easily form edges that are of molecular levels of sharpness. In other words incredible sharp. Mankind has been shaving for at least 5,000 years and this video shows that the tools are out there in nature if you know where to look for them. But I certainly know that my technique is nowhere near good enough to try this.


  1. I used to find arrow heads made from obsidian after it rained at my place in New Mexico. It is some sharp stuff. Guy has to have some experience shaving with a straight razor to pull that off.

  2. Obsidian is cool stuff. Never used it myself but some hospitals use it in some of the operating rooms. MUCH smaller scars and better healing. Too bad obsidian is so brittle.

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