£15 starter kit revisited

Back in July I offered 8 low price starter kits for sale at £15 each. In fact I ended up selling more than this and am rolling the offer on. This is not just for beginners, it is a good value kit compilation for any shaver. So, what do you get for the money?

  • Weishi razor. I use one of these myself, it is a Chinese made aluminium copy of a Gillette Super Speed and is very nicely engineered. It is a mild shaver so it won’t bite you but at the same time it is very effective at removing stubble. It is good for a beginner on two counts, firstly its light weight trains the user to exert the right pressure (none) without a lot of razor weight getting in the way. Secondly the Weishi is very rewarding of getting the right shaving angle, which is a good thing to learn. The razor comes in a plastic travel case with a single Dorco blade.
  • Budget boar shaving brush.The one in the picture is a bright red handled Chinese brush, previously the kit included an Omega brush. Over time other brushes may be used depending on availability. Whichever it is it will be perfectly good for the job and will see you over till the day that you buy that Simpson’s Chubby CH2 in Best Badger.
  • 5 blades from Petersburg Products International, currently it is the 7 O’Clock in the yellow packaging. Whichever it is you can be sure that it is just as excellent, the blades coming out of this factory set the standard.
  • Palmolive tallow shaving stick. One of the world’s great shaving soaps at any price. Just rub this into your stubble like a giant crayon then lather up with the brush. You could use this for your entire shaving career and you would not be missing much.
  • Post and packing within the UK.

If you are interested I only accept payment by paypal. Email me at bruce (at) everiss (dot) com .


  1. Bruce, have been reading your blog for several months now. I often go back and refer to your articles as a reference. In this case my Weishi razor arrived today and I was able to shave with it and compare my experience with yours. Actually a nice little razor. If there was a contact at Weishi like you have at Frank Brush the razor could really be polished up. It will become my full time travel razor along with Iridium blades. Now when my Frank brush arrives I will learn why all the fuss about it.

  2. Bruce, I share your enthusiasm for Weishi razors. I have been wet shaving since I was 14 and at 63 years old, that’s quite a few years. Razor collecting has been a hobby of mine for some time now. I bought a Weishi razor back in March and am exceptionally pleased with it. The quality is as good as any I have used to date. It is a bit mild mannered for some (not me however). The fit and finish is excellent. I would highly recommend this instrument to any beginning shaver.

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