I am in Spain again

Family matters force my absence this week. But I have pre written articles for every day. So the only difference to the reader will be that comments will not be approved or replied to so quickly. I will take my netbook with me and plug it into the interwebs from time to time. Hopefully there will be a bit of spare time to do some shaving shopping.

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  1. Hi, I’m a long time user of Williams Ice Blue (Aqua Veva) shaving products. I started shaving at 15+, my mum bought me some Aqua Velva aftershave lotion when I was sixteen; it was made in England then. Me & my family went to Mallorca in 1972 and I brought home Ice Blue shaving foam & Aqua Velva Ice Blue aftershave and Cologne. After that I always brought enough Williams products to last another year, the shaving foam is second to none it is silky smooth on the skin reduces the chance of razor burn (I’m a Gillette user for ever). Now that health problems mean insurance costs nearly as much as a Spanish holiday I rely on friends bringing me an occassional can of foam & bottle of aftershave, can someone please recomend a reliable Spanish retailer that will mail Williams products to the UK.

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