Shaving soaps and creams

Why I face lather

As I have stressed repeatedly everything about traditional shaving is personal to you. You do exactly what you want no matter what anyone else says. This is part of the […]

My "go to" shaving kit

One of the great joys of real, traditional shaving is the huge diversity of kit available. You could have many dozens of razors without having two the same, the same […]

The wonder of shaving soap sticks

Real shavers have the option of using either soaps or creams. But basically creams are just soaps with added water, they are far more expensive per shave and they go […]

Mitchell's Wool Fat Shaving Soap

Mitchell’s Wool Fat (MWF), and the supposedly identical Kent Brush shaving soap, has a legendary status in the traditional shaving community. It is regarded by many as the gold standard […]

Real shaving whilst you travel

Real shaving, with a dual edged (DE) safety razor and lather generated with a brush, was the dominant way of shaving on planet earth for about 50 years, practised by […]

Brushless shaving cream

In an earlier article I explained how I bought some brushless shaving cream at T K Maxx, due to my own stupidity and lack of attention. Well, when you have […]


And here is a massive money saving tip. A lot of the very upmarket British gentlemen’s grooming companies (Some of whom are in my St James’s article) have their shaving […]

Equipping yourself for real shaving

This is the question I get asked most. Someone wants to come over from the dark side and start real shaving. Suddenly they are confronted with infinite choice. This is […]

I went to T K Maxx

Now I know that I said I didn’t need any more shaving soaps and creams, but a journey that went straight past T K Maxx was more than a little […]