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  1. Bruce,

    I have gone through Frank’s extensive listing of Finest Badger brushes and could not find the Ebony Long Handle that you picture here.

    Please tell me how I can get one ….. in any colour.

    Thank you.


  2. Bruce,

    Perhaps I should add this.

    I am new to brush shaving although I am 80 years old.
    I am using a Rolls Razor that I restored and it is great.
    I have tried almost a dozen soaps and creams and have settled on 3. The best in my opinion is the cheapest. It is manufactured here in Toronto. It is R.P. Williams Shaving Cream. $15.00 for 500 ml.
    The brush is the problem.
    My first gem was a supermarket $11.00 Omega. Much too prickly for me. So I stepped up to a Fendrihan $55..00 Silver Tip. Still too prickly.
    Your writings have convinced me to give Frank Shaving’s Finest a try.
    I want the long handle because my arthritis makes it awkward to manage the shorter ones.

    I hope I am on the right track.


  3. I got hold of Mr. Ian Yan Tang and placed my order.

    I received notice yesterday that it had been shipped.

    He is a fine gentleman.


  4. I have been using the Long Handled Finest Badger brush that Mr. Tang sent me for almost two months now.
    It is my favourite brush – better than my silver tip.
    I now have six brushes. I occasionally use the silver tip or the Body Shop Synthetic but I always return to to my FS Long handle.

    Thank you, Bruce.


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