Bruce on Shaving statistics update

Greetings everyone, this is the last post I am going to make here in 2010, with the festive season rapidly approaching there are more important demands on my time. Service […]

Evaluating shaving kit

Regular readers will know that there are two strong recurring themes in the articles here. The first is the near infinite choice that is to be enjoyed in traditional shaving. […]

On some traditional shaving forums you are not allowed to mention one of the most important double edged razors in production today, the iKon. This is truly amazing and totally […]

Yet more on the three razor method

Firstly a quick recap. Like many I shave with three passes, with the three razor method I select a razor for each pass that is optimised for the job. This, […]

Wilkinson Sword Classic DE Razor

Energizer are a massive American conglomerate who own the Schick and Wilkinsons Sword brands. So obviously they want to maximise their profits by selling us multibladed system razors, which is […]

The Real Shaving Co. products

Some of the biggest names in traditional shaving manufacture nothing, they are merely retailers, they put their brand name on a range of products made by other people. And the […]

My Rooney prototype shaving brushes

Rooney shaving brushes are a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma. They do not publicise their physical address and contact details and they have no proper website. Yet […]