Custom horse shaving brush

Regular readers here will know that I have a penchant for horse hair shaving brushes. Once most brushes were made of this hair, until there was an anthrax scare  (which […]

How big is yours?

There is a current fashion for ridiculously large wrist watches, you are not a real man without half a pound of steel strapped to your wrist, yet I remember when […]

Now there are nearly 200 articles on here about traditional shaving it represents a considerable body of work. Easily as much as a book would contain. If you use the […]

Fake Iridium blades

The Pogonotomy forum member mitsimonsta posted these pictures (and more) to the forum so that members could identify the fake Iridium razor blades that are currently being distributed and sold […]

Gillette don't want to talk to me

Gillette make fantastic double edged (DE) razor blades at the Petersburg Products International (PPI) factory in Russia that they (or their parent Procter & Gamble) 65% own. But Gillette also […]

Boots No7 for Men Protect & Perfect

The vanity of the world’s women leads them to spend billions of dollars every year for grease to put on their faces (and other bits of their bodies). They will […]