September 2010

Shaving cream was recorded by Benny Bell in 1948 but was considered unsuitable for general audiences. It was re-released in 1970 and sold more than a million copies. ARTIST: Benny […]

The low cost, high luxury shave

There are three points to this article. Firstly real, traditional shaving is not a walled garden like multibladed system shaving. The choices are infinite so you can tailor your shaving […]

Why I face lather

As I have stressed repeatedly everything about traditional shaving is personal to you. You do exactly what you want no matter what anyone else says. This is part of the […]

Frank Shaving short lofted brushes

Whilst the reaction to Frank Shaving brushes has been very favourable indeed and many people are enjoying these high quality badger brushes having paid very low prices for them, there […]

The Eclipse Red Ring razor

When people look for vintage razors to put to daily use today they mostly think of Gillette, who manufactured very large numbers of well engineered razors which, with care, have […]

I must admit that this is plagiarised from a well known shaving forum. Thanks chjome.

How iKon Razors Got Started

I have written on here before about iKon razors, they have a good reputation both for product quality and for the good shave that they give. So I asked Greg […]

The Razors-and-Blades Myth(s)

Professor Randal C. Picker is the Paul and Theo Leffmann Professor of Commercial Law at The University of Chicago Law School and a Senior Fellow at The Computation Institute of […]