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Now there are nearly 200 articles on here about traditional shaving it represents a considerable body of work. Easily as much as a book would contain. If you use the search box on the right you can reference all this knowledge to find what you want.

So now I am going to significantly reduce the rate at which I write articles on here, the plan is to create articles as and when something interesting comes along on all three of my blogs, Bruce on Politics, Bruce on Games and obviously Bruce on Shaving. Also, from a traditional shaving perspective, I am now putting a lot more of what comes along into the Pogonotomy forum, which attracts a lot more content from other people than a blog does, so gives a broader view.

Obviously I will still be posting articles here, it is just that they will not be so frequent. If you want to keep up with when these are published you can use the RSS feed, or the Twitter feed.


  1. Well done so far Bruce. You have put in an extraordinary amount of effort and helped a lot of people. Will pop in from time to time!

  2. See you on the flip side. Nice work.

  3. Thanks for all the great content. You have helped out many from the old pros to the neophytes. I’ve been expecting this; it must be an incredible amount of work.

  4. By the way, I forgot to add that I enjoy your Bruce on Politics blog also, except for that picture of Borat. Thank goodness I didn’t have to see the rear view.

  5. Pogonotomy forum link doesn’t appear to be working…

    1. Try this:

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