Custom horse shaving brush

Regular readers here will know that I have a penchant for horse hair shaving brushes. Once most brushes were made of this hair, until there was an anthrax scare  (which is no longer a problem). Using a horse hair brush is different, interesting and very good. You know straight away that you are not using badger or boar and the combination of softness and backbone may be better than both of those for some people.

The big bargain is the wooden handled shaving brush No6 from BestShave in Turkey. At just $2.45 this is the biggest bargain in shaving and every traditional shaver should have one. It isn’t just inexpensive, it is also a truly excellent brush, very many happy owners have now written positive stuff about owning and using one on the interwebs.

Another source of horse hair brushes is Vie Long in Spain. These are available as large wood and metal handled barber brushes with undyed and unbleached hair, intended for professional barber shop use these are good value at about $8 to $10. Also there are a huge range of normal consumer shaving brushes with a very wide range of handles in various materials using bleached and dyed hair. And finally there are brushes of mixed horse and badger hair and also mixed horse hair and boar bristle.

Something for everyone you may think. But not quite, for the purist it would be very nice to have the normal consumer shaving brushes but with unbleached hair. And due to consumer demand on the Pogonotomy forum this is exactly what is going to happen. Online retailer Gifts and Care, who have a fine reputation, are organising it. So if you have an interest in such a special and unique brush have a look at the forum thread about it.


  1. Hi Bruce. Thank you for this blog. i live in Turkey and I do not think turkish brushs the made of horse hair brush.i think its bristle .changing the name because of religious reasons(islam).What do you think.if its real horse hair ,i want to buy Turkish brush

  2. Thank you for web site Ilike it Im a barber do you have information to increase the barber shop bussiness ?

  3. I purchased a Vie Long horse hair shaving brush from Gifts and Care and it has a significant gap in the hair right in the middle of the bristles. I sent Gifts and Care an email about this and, after nearly a week, have yet to hear from them. Since they are located in Spain, if they don’t get back to me, I’m stuck with a seriously flawed shaving brush. Right now, I don’t recommend buying from them. I’ll revise this post if and when I hear back from them.

  4. I have an update regarding my Vie Long razororded from gits and

    A very professional guy by the name of Juan had been helping me out. He decided that rather haggle with Vie Long about a defective shaving brush and keep me waiting, he’d just send me a new one. In other words, he’s made right by the customer -me-and is hammering out the problem with the manufacturer of the Shave brush. Now that’s what ai call great customer service.

    Juan is awesome! Do business with and you won’t be disappointed.

    Thanks again, Juan!

    Scottsdale Arizona

  5. I received mine recently direct from BestShave and with all due respect to Bruce the one I received was clearly not horse. It was definitely worth the $2.45 I paid for it, but even this new guy knows boar when he sees it.

    It is of some concern, especially when Jewish and Muslim men need to avoid unclean animals. My advice for those with those needs is to stay away and go for a reputable name brand. For a guy looking for a starter brush and/or a travel brush that can be forgotten in a Hotel, this is fine.

    To be fair the one you show above looks a lot more like horse than the one I have, I’m not trying to impugn your character. The one I received however was definitely bristle.

    I will be posting this on both your “Turkish horse hair shaving brush” and your “Custom horse shaving brush” entry because honestly I never saw this page before I ordered one.

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