Eclipse Red Ring

Yet more on the three razor method

Firstly a quick recap. Like many I shave with three passes, with the three razor method I select a razor for each pass that is optimised for the job. This, […]

This gets discussed a lot in the traditional shaving community, mainly RAD (Razor Acquisition Disorder) and SBAD (Shaving Brush Acquisition Disorder), they are used self-deprecatingly to explain the growing piles […]

The Eclipse Red Ring razor

When people look for vintage razors to put to daily use today they mostly think of Gillette, who manufactured very large numbers of well engineered razors which, with care, have […]

The $10,000 razor

Just now there is a big popular movement towards traditional double edged wet shaving. Every vendor I speak to who serves this market is rushed off their feet. Items in […]

A nice eBay lot I missed out on

One of the great delights of real shaving is the wide range of different razors that you can own and use. This is a huge improvement from the monotony of […]