Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor shaved their faces

Kate Somerville is a famous brand in women’s skincare. She has a range of skin products, has a clinic in Los Angeles and looks after the skin of many Hollywood stars. Recently she has caused a bit of a stir by telling the world that Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor were wet shavers, just like the readers of this blog.

The big difference though is that we are shaving off quick growing, coarse Androgenic hair, the growth of which is stimulated by our male hormones. Whereas the female film stars were shaving off the very fine and slow growing Vellus hair. In normal life they would not need to do this as it would not be noticeable, however on big screen close ups with harsh studio lighting even these fine hairs would be seen and thus need to be removed lest they be considered a blemish.

There are many ways that hair can be removed; shaving, threading, waxing, lasering, tweezing, sugaring and exfoliating creams. Of these you would expect shaving to be the least popular because of the false wives tale that it encourages stronger future growth. Obviously the Hollywood beauty experts know better than this and realise, as we men do, that wet shaving is the best solution.


  1. Great article. Many women today shave their face not just to remove hair, but to exfoliate the skin. It’s a growing trend among women.

  2. Maybe they shaved their moles off?? LOL Ever notice how the faces change on this series of photos on where the mole (if any) are located?

  3. Don’t you know the tradition of girl drawing a little black mole with their eyeliner? It’s a classic, many do it still today.

  4. Yup, those are just drawn on beauty marks with black eyeliner. It was super popular to do that back then. It doesn’t surprise me that they shaved their faces. I’ve considered doing it, because if you wear powder makeup, which those two most certainly did since they were under hot bright studio lights, it makes every single tinyhair visable and looks awful. If you shave, the makeup goes on smoothly and looks flawless. It’s too bad that they don’t tell more about how they wet shaved, since I would like to know as a fellow woman, how to do that on my face!

  5. Marilyn was such a woman in a class of distinction
    and knew who she was in herself and she kept her integrity and could not be brought at any price ..

  6. Shaving and applying makeup gives the face a perfect healthy glow, especially with the use of natural colours and earthy tones. In their case it gave them that classic beauty look that woman all over the world strive to achieve today. Melissa, shaving the face is a delicate but effective procedure. The key is to avoid those cheapo razors that are to harsh on the skin and may leave small abrasions on the skins surface. Then apply warm soapy water, this is light on the skin and wont cause any inflamation, for shaving is removing a very small amount of the skins surface. Then very gently shave against the hairs grain. You will have to shave atleast every week or two weeks.

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