Fake Iridium blades

Iridium razor blades. Real on the left. Fake on the right.
Iridium razor blades. Real on the left. Fake on the right.

The Pogonotomy forum member mitsimonsta posted these pictures (and more) to the forum so that members could identify the fake Iridium razor blades that are currently being distributed and sold (photos originally from B&B user BlkKnight). These are presumed to be made in China and could sell well as there is a huge demand for this blade yet Procter & Gamble (Gillette) are not making any of the real ones available.

Fake Iridium razor blade. Says Brocter & Hamble, Meybridge, Hurrey etc
Real Iridium razor blade. Says Procter & Gamble, Weybridge, Surrey etc

As you can see the fakes are extremely believable except for the writing on the sides, where they are presumably trying to avoid the wrath of Procter & Gamble and of course the simple fact that the product quality is only a fraction of that of the real thing.

Fake Iridium razor blades. Says Betersburg Products International etc
Real Iridium razor blades. Says Petersburg Products International etc


  1. Well that probably explains why I have never been impressed with Iridiums. All of mine are fake 🙁
    I could understand this if the blades were high value cartridges……..but why go to all this trouble with low value DE blades?

  2. These people in China were offering to supply trade quantities of “Iridium” blades:

  3. Bruce, the photos should properly be credited to Badger and Blade member BlkKnight, as they are his original photographs that have been re-posted by others in an attempt to spread the word about these counterfeit blades.

  4. I was duped by these, but thankfully the seller gave me a 100% refund when I asked for it. To be honest though I just wish that they had been the originals as I enjoy shaving with them!

  5. Any chance you could correct your source of these photo’s?

    They originated from a B&B user BlkKnight (me) and were then distributed to various other locations.




  6. I I shave for 45 years with a safety razor and double-edged blades
    to date I have found the FEATHER blade as the best (3 uses) but I just try a somewhat difficult to find SUPER IRRIDIUM and I class first
    She has a soft cut NET and especially it lasts long (6 uses)


  7. Wow! The link to the Chinese website is incredible.
    I especially like “DERBY Profesyonal”!!

  8. Chinese rubbish is dominating the western world these days as we hunt down bargains. They have no respect for copyright, and are utterly unoriginal in their ripoffs. I try to avoid any Chinese product as it’s almost always inferior, but it’s very hard these days: everything’s made there. Thanks for this latest alert that explains why China will never be a first-world country till (if) they get some common commercial decency (and originality: in very short supply there).

  9. This is fascinating! Has anyone found anymore knock offs in their medicine cabinet?

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