1. Randy

    Sounds great. Any idea where to purchase in the US? Drugstore.com only has the womens line.

    1. I am sure that the woman’s line is pretty much the same in different packaging.

  2. geoff

    Bruce, i’ve used many post-shave products of the years and until recently, clinique m-gel lotion was my favourite…recently supplanted though, by plain old Sweet Almond oil. In the shower, post-shave, i keep my face wet from cold water rinse, then apply a 5p sized squirt to palm of my hand and then smooth over my face (entire area as it doesn’t sting or irritate the eyes.

  3. wakeupcall

    Sell out! Obvious advertizing! Any brand can get a “unbiased” lab study positive in there favor (sack of money under the table?). Almost any brand comes with studies of their miracle cream. Plus, you CANNOT GO BACK IN TIME! IMO, you lost hereby all credibility. You may be able to look healthy (skin wise), but you cannot look youngER.
    S E L L O U T !

    1. @wakeupcall

      You seem to be denying the science and the facts.

  4. Jay Trott

    I need some info on some products i wanna buy. Proraso has no information on its official site. http://www.proraso.com/ is their a site out there that has some info on there products???

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