Some simple real shaving technique

Real shaving is easy, it is not rocket science and it is not brain surgery, many hundreds of millions of men have used a double edged razor with no problems whatsoever. However it is different from using a multibladed system razor. The first thing you will notice is the bigger shaving head, don’t worry you will get used to this very quickly indeed. Then apply these techniques:

1) Wet your face for at least 3 minutes before you start shaving. The best way is to shave just after a shower. I read somewhere that a human hair loses 85% of its strength when waterlogged. Even if this is an exaggeration there is no doubt  well soaked stubble shaves off a whole lot easier.

2) Use a brush with soap or cream and spend some time building a good lather on your face. Don’t use the aerosol chemical gel or foam, they are rubbish. This is real shaving mantra. Proper lathering ingredients are better in every way.

3) Place the handle of the razor at right angles to your face. Gradually tip over till you get to the sweet spot and it is cutting. Some razors are more sensitive to this than others. The sweet spot can be at very different angles with different razors.

4) Take your time. That is a mighty sharp blade you are using on your face. Just relax and enjoy the experience. Real shaving will always be slower than using a system razor. But when something is so enjoyable that is what you want. Once you get up to speed target for 10 minutes.

5) Put no pressure on the blade. The weight of the razor is enough. Just try and remove the lather from your face. This is the massive difference with real shaving. The blade works best with no pressure on it. Your double edged razor is designed to glide over the skin, not to be pushed into it.

6) Shave with short strokes, rinse blade frequently. This is part of controlling the blade angle, your face is not flat so short strokes divide it better for the razor to work well.

7) Don’t use your wrist. Shave by moving your arm so as to accurately control the angle. You will get used to this very quickly.

8)  When you have removed all the lather use the brush to lather up again and then razor off the lather a second time. This is fundamental real shaving technique. Each time you remove all the lather from your face is called a pass. A two pass shave (depending a lot on your equipment) is just about adequate. Three passes will give you a shave you are proud of. Four passes is for the hot date, interview or graduation ceremony.

9) Know your face. Feel your stubble and work out which way it lies on all the sections of your face. This is called the grain. Some people do a first pass shave with the grain (WTG) a second pass across the grain (XTG) and a third pass against the grain (ATG). What you do is up to you. I do it different every morning for added fun.


  1. Just over from the shaving room , could’nt resist a nosey.
    Will be another resource to keep me from working 🙂

  2. I couldn’t agree more with your comment,”that what you do is up to you”. I find wet shaving is a very personal experience and now at the age of 64 thought I’d finaly got the hang of things till I read your blog and started experimenting all over again with different blades, razors and soaps. Some disasters, but mostly the pleasure of starting the day feeling like a new man. Latest trial is using a menthol shaving soap, man does it tingle when you rinse with cold water.

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