August 2010

Some early Gillette advertisements

Gillette started production of safety razors in 1903, when they sold just 51 in the year. In 1904 they sold 90,884 and by 1908 they had factories in America, Canada, […]

I am not here

So I have taken temporary leave of this country, for a couple of weeks in Menorca. But don’t worry, there are some articles pre-programmed into the system (including this one) […]

Know your own face

If you look at the hair anywhere on your body you will see that it doesn’t stick straight out. This is because its evolutionary function was to trap air to […]

In this blog I have pushed the excellent Mantic59 videos. These really set a very high standard for informing about traditional, real, shaving and it is well worth spending some […]

The wonder of shaving soap sticks

Real shavers have the option of using either soaps or creams. But basically creams are just soaps with added water, they are far more expensive per shave and they go […]

Today I thought you would enjoy these videos of masters of the shaving craft at work. You don’t have to visit Turkey to enjoy this treatment, there are plenty of […]

Simpson's shaving brushes #3

In this article we will look at some of the specific Simpson’s models. It is a vast range to encompass just about anything that any shaver could ever want. There […]

Goatee Saver

Well really I am going to need to set up a humour category on here. These guys really cannot be serious. You can leave the device on after you shave […]