How iKon Razors Got Started

I have written on here before about iKon razors, they have a good reputation both for product quality and for the good shave that they give. So I asked Greg at iKon if he wanted to write an article to give us some background as to how the razor came about.

How iKon Razors Got Started. By Greg / Ikon Razors

Razor bumps.

I always had a line of razor bumps right at the baseline of my neck where my stubble started, it was there and pretty much everything I tried had little effect on it.

Then a little over 2 years ago I discovered double edge razors.  Using  a DE razor and some better quality shaving creams (I highly recommend The Body Shop Maca Root Shaving Cream) really worked for me as all the modern day multiblade contraptions really do is just shear and push  the remaining stubble back into the follicle it naturally grew out of, whereas a  sharp DE blade slices the hair clean off in a single pass. Older technology really worked well in this regard and the choices of double edge razor blades are great with something to suit even the most demanding shaver out there.

R.A.D. (Razor Acquisition Disorder)  then set in , I was hooked on this new method of shaving and had to try every product out there. Some were great but I saw room for improvement. The idea to make stainless steel razor was born.

As an avid outdoorsman and parent  of young children another appeal of using a classic style double edge razor is from a conservation viewpoint, the statistics  of how many disposable plastic razors are thrown out per year are astounding & immense. Shave The Earth , use a double edge razor that creates minimal waste and saves money as well. Most men spend approximately $250 a year on disposable razors and shaving cream from a can – both proven equally bad for our now fragile ecosystem. After the  initial investment of buying a high quality safety razor that will effectively last a lifetime, a realistic yearly shaving cost will average $59 per year.

Why not a stainless steel safety razor ? The very first iKon razor was made.

Totally hand made on a milling machine & industrial lathe from a stainless steel billet with the handle turned from a piece of 316L bar stock stainless steel rod , a method we still incorporate today. From there it was a matter of perfecting this idea, the first  iKon production  razors were made using a slightly more technical manufacturing process using a series of processes such as machining, wire cutting, bending brakes and welding

Not an easy task I learned,  as perfecting a razor head, getting the blade to sit aligned consistently and perfectly proved a challenge, these images were of the early iKon 3 pin style heads that are no longer being made and now considered by many collectors items. No more than 75 of these razors were made.

Our current iKon razors use what I feel is the best blade locking mechanism available , known as a slot bar – it provides the best consistent blade alignment possible.

A website was needed to help with all the incoming queries about this new product , There is a strong demand in today’s modern wet shaving market for superior made safety razors, we are at the forefront of this. iKon  continues to refine and develop this new product that initially started on a whim to create something I intended to use myself. The current iKon designs are totally user inspired, taking what were considered the premier double edge razors designs from yesteryear and modifying them into modern professionally machined “shaving tools”. We listen to our customers and take  every comment and suggestions into consideration when making our products.

A razor’s aggressiveness is very subjective to the end user and often I am asked to recommend what razor is best for a new perspective iKon owner. A simple solution to a hard problem was to  make a less aggressive standard head razor  and also special open comb razor head that has a bit more shaving edge exposed for those with heavier beards. Also creating two handle styles using a special deep diamond knurling technique  offering an incredibly positive grip  to compliment our razor heads . A classic long handle that is equally as effective as our short robust bulldog handle, again a simple matter of preference for the end user. With these initial  two head and handle design options we are pretty much covering the demands of the most discerning wet shaver out there.

The end result was so successful more iKon designs are currently under design works, the possibilities are limitless and I have some great ideas.

— Greg / iKon Razors


  1. congratulations Greg. Nice to hear a success story and everyone enjoys your product. Win win.

  2. I got one of the very first iKons, which seemed a tad harsh to me. But then I got one of the current model, a highly polished stainless steel open-comb, and it’s one of the bests razors I own. I keep coming back to the word “comfortable”: that razor gives a supremely comfortable shave, with a wonderfully smooth result.

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