Proraso on the small screen

It is a while since we had a video article, so here is some fun from those zany Italians. Proraso are a long established company who make great shaving creams and soaps that are highly thought of in the traditional shaving world. They also make some aerosol stuff for those who haven’t seen the light, but then business is business and they have to pay the bills.

First up is a mini Proraso documentary. Not the most polished production, but it sets the scene.

Next is a typical YouTube amateur review of Proraso shaving cream. You can tell that the presenter is getting the lather wrong as soon as he leaves far too much water in the brush. He should have binned the attempt and started again. A bit embarrassing for him really.

Now for the fun and games. Here are some Italian language Proraso TV commercials. These are quite good entertainment and certainly do the job of getting the brand across:


  1. Ooooh the power of advertising!!! Left all my shaving kit out and logged on while my brush was soaking. Ended up having a Proraso shave!

  2. Oh those crazy Italians! It’s interesting to note how a cream used for straight razor shaving is prominently advertised on Italian T.V. You never see commercials like that in the U.S. Instead you get commercials for Gillette or Lectric shave.

    Great post

  3. My “amateur review” of Proraso was not embarrassing to me in the least. I even acknowledge that the lather is a bit runny in my video. I’m not demonstrating how to make lather, I’m reviewing Proraso.

    What’s embarrassing is your pompous, know-it-all attitude.

  4. @Michael
    It is a pretty poor demonstration when you add far too much water and don’t show what a proper Proraso lather is like.
    As I said amateur and embarrassing. I only put it up for the entertainment value of your getting it so badly wrong and still posting the video to YouTube.

  5. @Bruce I -am- an amateur. I admit in the video the lather is a bit too runny. Deal with it. I just wish that your site had better traffic which would increase my view count on YouTube.

  6. Well you won’t get any traffic with what you have done now. You are obviously embarrassed by it.

  7. Not embarrassed. I just think you’re an ass.

  8. I just discovered their pre shave cream in regular and sensitive which is like an undercoat to the shave cream. It is incredible and that extra bit of protection leaves my skin amazing. Try it guys.

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