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Nanny's Silly Soap Company

In an earlier article on here you were warned about some of the potentially nasty chemicals that can be in shaving soaps and creams, this was further reinforced when we looked at the contents of some Schick (Wilkinson Sword) Hydro products.

One excellent way to avoid this is to buy artisan shaving soaps and creams crafted in small batches from the finest natural ingredients. Probably the leading producer of such soaps and creams in the UK (but who ships worldwide) is Nanny’s Silly Soap Company, who developed their products in close consultation with the traditional shaving community.

Let’s see what they say themselves:

Nanny’s Silly Soap Company is a small artisan business which specialises in soap made without harsh synthetic ingredients. My soap is made with a range of luxury oils and exotic butters, carefully selected and balanced to produce a hard long lasting bar with creamy luxurious lather, gentle cleansing and scents from nature. No synthetic foaming agents, preservatives, chelators, scents or colours are used in my soap. Only essential oils and other botanicals are used for scent, and for colours plant based ingredients and clays are used.
All of the above applies to my shaving soaps, except that they are not hard – somewhere between a hard soap and a cream. They work well whatever type of brush you use.
Many people with dry itchy skin conditions, including eczema, find that natural soap like mine can improve their skin’s condition.

I have bought soaps and creams from Nanny’s Silly Soap Company and they are both excellent and very reasonably priced, so they can be thoroughly recommended. And now they have an excellent and highly professional new website that is much easier to use and which is a far better shop front for their products. Well worth a visit.

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  1. Nanny’s Silly Soap Company infringes upon Soap Silly Bath & Body’s worldwide trademark.

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