1. Frank Shaving sent me this message: hi,I read the article.It wrote very excellent and must be helpful for our marketing in future.
    Yes,we are a professional manufacturer of shaving equipment in China.
    We used do OEM orders only.But from this year we decided to establish our own brand “Frank Shaving” in market.

  2. Jonathan

    I clicked onto their ebay site and have seen any brushes ?

  3. Jonathan

    havent seen ( sorry )

  4. Jonathan

    I live in France and for some strange reason I cant see many of the shaving products I guess after Wikileaks Ebay usa has been made secure from foreign persons

  5. Jonathan

    Hi Bruce ( Great blog ) I can only see 6 items and there is no individual brushes , ebay saves that I am in the “wrong ” country to buy these items !

  6. @Jonathan.

    Use an American based proxy server.

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