1. David

    Very informative! Thank You.
    I sometimes think Traditional Shavers are snobbish rich gentlemen who think expensive hardware, like silvertip badger brushes, is the only way to get a good shave. It is a hobby for me to find inexpensive shave products that simply work. I use a gillette adjustable, omega 49 boar brush, derby blades and cheap Van Der Hagen soap.

  2. Tim Barrow

    I use a boar brush – Men U, and it is still breaking in. The bristles have not split yet, but it’s reassuring to know that split bristles make for a softer feel.

  3. Raffaele R.

    I have been face-lathering with an Omega boar brush for a long time. I’ve tried two badger brushes in the past: the first, big and super-expensive one proved to be floppy; the second, a cheapo, proved to be scratchy.

    I was considering giving badger another shot, considering everyone seems to prefer it over boar. Nice to know a different perspective. Your detailed article convinced me to stick with my trusty Omega.

    Thank you for sharing.

  4. John Trombino

    Thanks, Bruce, for this article. Just before reading your article, I had been doing research and ordered 3 Omega boar brushes in different loft and knot dimensions. I’m looking forward to using these, especially with hard and semi-soft soaps.
    I like the way you research and ignore the herd mentality as it relates to wet shaving, keep up your super informative articles.

  5. Horst Gebring

    Thank you very much for this fine article.
    Please allow me a question:

    How do you store your boar brush? Bristles down or vice versa? Whats your experience?

    Thank you very much in advance.


  6. Dugz

    This article was extremely informative. I am just getting started with traditional shaving and want to get a boar brush to try out. Actually all of your articles are well written and chock full of wonderful guidance for those making the leap back to real shaving.

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