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Now there are nearly 200 articles on here about traditional shaving it represents a considerable body of work. Easily as much as a book would contain. If you use the […]

Bruce on Shaving statistics update

Greetings everyone, this is the last post I am going to make here in 2010, with the festive season rapidly approaching there are more important demands on my time. Service […]

We all know that most of the existing shaving forums leave a lot to be desired. Banning good members, deleting good content, allowing bad behaviour, behaving hypocritically, favouring certain vendors […]

Site update

The first full day at Bruce on Shaving was 8th July, so we have been going about 4 months, in that time there have been 147 articles written and 325 […]

I am in Spain again

Family matters force my absence this week. But I have pre written articles for every day. So the only difference to the reader will be that comments will not be […]


I have spent many years working in marketing in the video game industry. A very important aspect of this was getting reviews of our games in the media, so we […]

Site update

Our first full day was the 8th of July so we have been going a little over two months. In that time we have attracted 8,953 visits (thank you everyone), […]