Feather of Japan make famously sharp DE razor blades. This is a corporate video that contains some interesting footage of blade manufacture. I have mentioned Mantic59s excellent videos on here […]

Wander round the online shaving forums and you come across lots of beginners asking the same questions again and again. Whilst some may find this a tedious misuse of bandwidth […]

In this blog I have pushed the excellent Mantic59 videos. These really set a very high standard for informing about traditional, real, shaving and it is well worth spending some […]

If you are into real, traditional shaving and hang around the interweb you are eventually going to come upon this. I have no need to explain it myself as Mantic59 […]

My new Mergress razor

Merkur of Solingen, in Germany, currently make three different adjustable razors, the Progress, the Futur and the Vision. Of the three the Progress is probably the most highly regarded, even […]

Bleeding and shaving

Incredibly sharp blades and human skin very obviously have the possibility to not go well together, there is always the potential for little accidents to happen. What prevents total carnage […]

Some shaving blogs

This is only the second day of, so there isn’t much content yet. However there are a plethora of well established blogs out there with absolutely masses of articles […]

I said earlier that the cornerstone of the Real Shaving movement is the internet. The big global shaving companies want us to only buy our blades from them and they […]