My new Mergress razor

Merkur of Solingen, in Germany, currently make three different adjustable razors, the Progress, the Futur and the Vision. Of the three the Progress is probably the most highly regarded, even though it is the cheapest and simplest. Shaving guru Mantic59, of the famous videos (see above) and blog says that it is his “personal everyday razor”. Some accolade.

However it is not perfect and an American engineer set to work to make it so with a number of modifications. When he had done this he wrote it up on a forum under the user name Mer. Obviously other members of the forum wanted their Progress to be similarly upgraded so Mer ended up doing this for $30 a go. The modified razor became known as the Mergress. It is possibly the best double edged razor in the world.

Then, of course, people wanted to buy a brand new Mergress. This was getting too much for Mer so he handed the whole new razor business over to Lee’s safety razors in America, who sells them for $89.95. There are two models, the standard Mergress and the XL, which has a longer adjustment knob (and therefore a longer handle) which makes the razor easier to handle.

Now you can’t just phone up Lee’s and order one of these, because he is usually out of stock. Demand for the Mergress is far more than the supply. Mer still makes every single razor himself, in small batches. So the system is to tell Lee’s that you are interested. Then when a batch comes in they email everyone who has registered intent to let them know. Whereupon it is first come, first served.

By the magic of telepathy my wife realised that a Mergress XL would make a good birthday present for me and by pure serendipity Mer made a batch just in time for the key date, it arrived with just days to spare. Obviously I used it for the first time on my birthday and I must admit that it is an impressive razor.


  1. Great article, Bruce! I agree the Mergress is an outstanding upgrade to the stock Progress and really does improve the balance and appearance of the razor. They are definately worth the wait to get one. You’ll enjoy that razor for years to come.

  2. Hey Bruce,

    Nice new site, if a little unexpected.

    I have a quick question. In the articles and videos it often refers to ‘mild’ and ‘agressive’ shaves. I am wondering exactly what is meant by this. I am particularly interested because, whilst I have to shave for my job when I am clean shaven (I just use a standard mach 3 gillette razor) I look about 8 years old. After one day of growth I look great (well, kind of ;)) because my beard is short enough not to look unkept but I have a tiny amount of growth and loom my age.

    I was hoping that these adjustable razors would allow me to achieve this look by adjusting to a more ‘mild’ shave. I have tried electric razors and have only ever found one that could cut short enough not to get fired. It broke.

    Or am I barking up the wrong tree here?

    And get your arse back over to Bruceongames – one of the best gaming sites going … until your recent absences.

  3. I took your advice, visited Lee’s Razors and got in line last night. After visiting eBay and seeing how the run-up of classisc/antique razor are propellling in price, I decided to get a few “new” tools of the trade. I’m tempted to purchase the Goodfella with the black chrome you discussed in an earlier post for good measure. Tools they will fight over when I’m dead…

  4. I found your article a little bit late, as I bought few days ago a Parker 99R (I am statung the first time with safety razors). First do you think I can get a Merger adjustable razor some way ? I am also sending a mail to, but any suggetion will be wellcome. Then as in few days will arrive my new Parker, if I wil get the Merger and thinking to try with only two a first time, which one should I use first, the Parker or the Merger ? With which blades ? Thank you, Alessandro.

  5. The Mergresses are in stock. Both models, Regular & XL are on the shelf! They will not last long. I’m sorry but Eric and I provide large numbers of these razors for you. They just sell out very quickly!
    We are doing what we can and thank you so much for your support.
    Lee Jan 5, 2013

  6. Bruce;
    Fun to read, informative, and beneficial (I picked up a ‘new trick’!!)
    I’ll try tomorrow with three different razors-my girlfriend loves a smooooth kisser.

  7. I have a really interesting collection of razors for daily rotation as well as rare and hard to find models for admiring. I received my Mergress from Eric today and I have never been more pleased with any razor. He turned my Progress into a masterpiece of looks and function.
    Lee and Eric are the best guys to work with and whatever the wait you have for your Mergress, just be patient and remember a true craftsman made your razor into something incredible.
    Bruce, I really enjoy your perspectives.

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