Method Shaving

If you are into real, traditional shaving and hang around the interweb you are eventually going to come upon this. I have no need to explain it myself as Mantic59 has done a great video:

Now this isn’t for me as it takes away the fun of experimentation and of using a wide range of equipment and techniques. It is just far too regimented. Here is a video of Charles Roberts using the technique:

As you can see the barrier that his Hydrolast products put up is so good that he can go at his face with a razor at 2,000 miles an hour, which is quite impressive. However he seems to shave areas of his face around 20 times, which makes me think that perhaps this same barrier is preventing the razor from working so well.

Anyhow if you are interested there are plenty of Method Shaving videos on YouTube. And here is a link to the Enchante website where you can find much more detail and buy the products.