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This is only the second day of, so there isn’t much content yet. However there are a plethora of well established blogs out there with absolutely masses of articles covering absolutely everything to do with shaving. These illustrate the fact that the Real Shaving revolution is happening on the internet. And also give you a view of the almost anarchic choice and fun that is to be had from tradition double edged safety razor shaving.

Mantic59’s Shaving Journal. From the shaving guru who brought you the famous videos.
Leisureguy. A blog written for those whose interests more or less match the author’s. Dedicated to razors, creams, gels, brushes, toners, moisturisers – anything shaving related for both men and women.
Wet Shaver’s Blog.Wet shaving. Because Grandpa was right.
Punk Rock Shaving. “What’s so punk rock about shaving? nothing. SOD OFF.”
Perfect Shave Dispatch. Wet-shaving has transformed a dreaded routine into a ritual I look forward to every day.
Fido’s Shaving Blog. A reminder of some of the things I have done in my retirement. This is one of them.
The Daily Commentary. Random thoughts about life, movies and shaving.
The Shaving Zone. Shaving tips and reviews.
Gramps would be proud. Get that dirt off your lip, son.

There are plenty more, but all the above are active and have interesting content. They are well worth browsing through.


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  2. Hey, Bruce. You might want to refer to Mantic’s latest project:

    They were kind enough to cross-reference to my own blog,


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