Your Milage May Vary YMMV

YMMV is not a very common acronym, yet it is widely used in the shaving community. The abbreviation stands for Your Mileage May Vary which means that you could have […]

£15 starter kit revisited

Back in July I offered 8 low price starter kits for sale at £15 each. In fact I ended up selling more than this and am rolling the offer on. […]

Chinese razors

China has a population of 1,324,655,000, so there are very roughly  500 million men of shaving age. And an extremely popular means of shaving seems to be traditional double edged […]

Some interesting razors

Real, traditional, double edged shaving is brilliant for geekiness. The four elements of razor, blade, brush and soap/cream. All available in myriad forms and with the infinite capacity to mix […]

The above is a lovely advert for the three Gillette Super Speed models that existed in production alongside each other during the mid to late 1950s. I will now try […]

Bleeding and shaving

Incredibly sharp blades and human skin very obviously have the possibility to not go well together, there is always the potential for little accidents to happen. What prevents total carnage […]