A great device for real shavers, the Ace mirror

The ultimate measure of cool in the land of the geek is when something makes Wired magazine. So we should take notice when a shaving accessory makes their pages. And that is precisely what the Ace shower mirror has done.

One of the most fundamental parts of real shaving methodology is ensuring that your stubble has had a good soaking before you start to shave. I read somewhere that it reduces hair strength by 85%. No wonder it is recommended to shave after a shower not before. Best of all would be to shave in the shower, but we all know that mirrors don’t work in a steamy environment. And using a DE razor without a mirror is pretty brave.

This is where the Ace Fogless Shower mirror comes in. This acrylic (so it won’t break when you drop it) mirror has a patented water reservoir on the back of the mirror. You fill this up with hot water from the shower head at the beginning of the shower and the laws of physics mean that it can’t steam up.

The mirror is fixed in position on tiles or glass with two suckers, it is height adjustable and there is a razor holder built in. What more could you want?

The Ace mirror has a recommended selling price of $25. At Target you can get it for $14.99, which seems good value for something so unique and so convenient.

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  1. Having experimented with stopping the ordinary bathroom mirror steaming up I have found that the following works: Smear very thinly with liquid washing up detergent. Remove the excess with a paper towel.

    It is strange shaving in a bathroom, full of steam from the shower, with a perfectly clear mirror.

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