Low priced starter kits for sale, just £15

With real shaving taking off the way it is there must be lots of people who would like to give it a try. So I have put together  8 starter kits at a very low price to help in this. These starter kits are just £15 including P&P. If you want one then first email me at bruce (at) everiss (dot) com. I can take a cheque or paypal.

The razor.

This is a Weishi 2003-M, made in China. It is a very close copy of a Gillette Superspeed but made out of aluminium. It has a twist to open (TTO) mechanism with butterfly opening doors, so blade changing is very easy. It is a beautiful piece of precision engineering but will have nothing like the durability of a real brass Superspeed. The razor comes in a plastic travel box with a Dorco Korean blade and it even has a little mirror. The low weight of the razor and this case make it an ideal travelling companion.

I have had one of these razors for a while and really like it. You can read reviews of it here. It is a very mild razor, so good for a beginner, however it is sensitive to the angle it is used, when you get this right it is a very effective razor indeed. Because it is so very light it is good at teaching you to shave with no pressure. Overall an ideal beginner’s razor but still something that a more experienced real shaver can have fun with.

The blades.

These are 6 of  the famous Gillette 7 O’clock Sharp Edge “yellows”. These are made in the St Petersburg factory in Russia and are considered to be one of the finest blades made today. You can read reviews of these blades here.

The Shaving Soap.

This is absolutely classic, one of the greatest shaving soaps, it works better than some that are 20 times the price. Every real shaver should have some of this in their bathroom. It is tallow based and gets great reviews. The 50g stick is ideal for travelling. You use it like a big crayon into your stubble, then you lather up using a wet brush.

The brush. (not the one in the picture)

The brush is a boxed Omega boar bristle brush (but not the one in the picture above). Omega are one of the biggest and most respected shaving brush manufacturers. This one has a moulded white handle with a chrome ring at the bottom of the knot. The bristles have been dyed to look like badger. This sort of brush is good with soaps and will become much softer with use as the ends of the bristles split.

If you do take up real shaving with a double edged razor it is an extremely good idea to read the technique tips and to watch the videos.

These starter kits are on a first come first served basis, there are just 8 of them.


  1. Some reviews of the Weishi as a starter DE razor: http://www.malequarters.com/retrorazorweishirazor.shtml

  2. Where and how can i buy this set.The Weishi 2003-M

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