Shave of the day, international edition

One of the delights of real, traditional shaving is the near infinite number of permutations it offers you. Especially with stuff being available from all over the world from specialist vendors and via eBay and Amazon. We truly are spoiled with the choice and opportunities open to us.

So, after showering I rubbed in some Proraso Crema Pre E Dopo Barba (Italy) with its fantastic menthol hit. I then lathered up with my Frank Shaving Finest Pure Badger Shaving Brush (China) using  superb Godrej Menthol Mist shaving cream (India) for another, even bigger, menthol hit.

To shave today’s choice was a Feather Portable (Japan) shaving head. This excellent razor is now discontinued but you can still buy them inexpensively. Their only problem is that the handle is a bit diminutive, but you can easily unscrew the Feather handle and use the handle off another Tech type razor instead. So  the solid stainless steel handle from a Lux razor (Poland) which was made before the Berlin wall fell down screwed straight on.

Into this hybrid razor went a Derby razor blade (Turkey), as a change from my normal, preferred Iridium.

Two passes gave me a perfect shave. So after a good facial splash with cold water it was time for Adolfo Domiguez Agua Fresca After Shave Emulsion (Spain). Finally a quick squirt of Moustache by Rochas (France) eau de toilette. This is one of the greatest historic men’s fragrances and amazingly Rochas have discontinued it, though you can still buy it from online vendors.

So there you have it, a great deal of fun using quality (even luxury) products. And amazingly it still cost less than using a multibladed cartridge system razor and aerosol gel/foam from the supermarket.

Also I didn’t use any of the obvious stuff from the obvious countries. American Gillette Razors, British shaving brushes, soaps and creams, German razors, Russian razor blades and shaving creams or an Egyptian Lux razor.