Frank Shaving Butterscotch Silvertip

In an earlier article I wrote about buying a shaving brush from China. The Frank Shaving “Finest Pure Badger Hair Shaving Brush Faux Ivory Handle” for $9.99 (£6.57) turned out to be fantastic and a total bargain. The only brush I have used since it arrived.

But Frank Shaving have another brush, their “Luxury Silvertip Badger Shaving Brush” for $23.99 (£15.32). A fraction of the price that such a brush would cost with a Western brand name on it. Some investigation revealed that one of the range of handles that Frank Shaving can make these brushes with is a gorgeous butterscotch colour. So I got in touch with Ian there and he had a batch made with this handle, then he listed them on eBay. And, obviously, I bought one. Now all I have to do is wait for it to arrive.

Here it is:


  1. I ordered the first Chinese brush you recommended and then I ordered this brush as well a day or two later. I agree with you whole heartedly that badger hair coming to me from place of origin is a lot cheaper than from the Big Names. Nice handles as well. You posted a chart of the handles and brush styles in either a post or chat in one of the blogs that was helpful. I’m debating on getting a recent eBay offering from Frank Shaving: silvertip, wood handle brush and wood bowl. Could be Elm Wood or Oak … “dunno”. Anyway, I’ve been following you on the internet daily for a week now, as I conduct my research, reading, spending money, auctions on ebay, Shaving Room, B&B. You’re site has been most helpful. I’ll get in touch with you later when the brushes come in and I have had a chance to try them out. Flying out to Boston tomorrow; our 34th wedding anniversary. Stay 2 days there for history tours and pictures. Then we’ll drive up to Maine eventually attending the Lobster Festival in Rockland; 4-8 August. Hit Arcadia National Park, eat more lobster and head back home to the Pacific Northwest late on the 10th. I plan to shop some “Flea Markets” for razors and such. I’ll keep in touch and let you know how it went; perhaps a few pictures of the festival. Goodnight.
    Robert Otten
    Silverdale, Washington USA

  2. What a pile of crap these brushes are got one today and terrible even for the cheap price

  3. Simpson.
    What a troll post that is.
    1) Ian (Lord Shaving) in China just made up this brush and I bought the first, which is still in transit. It is impossible that you received one today.
    2) Even if you achieved the impossible and received it today, you are hardly in any position to pass judgement on it when it is just out of the box. Brushes need to be run in over several shaves.
    3) Even after 1&2, the word crap is hardly an objective review. If you really had this brush you would be commenting on the workmanship, the backbone, the fill etc.
    4) Your view is the exact opposite of all the people who really do have this brush. If you look at the comments in the feedback for Ian’s profile on eBay you will find lots of customers who are very happy indeed with this brush. Likewise on Badger and Blade the people who have bought Frank Shaving brushes are giving good, positive feedback.

    Like I said: Troll.

  4. My brush arrived today, not bad delivery time given the distance it travelled. The guy seemed like a very good eBayer too, updating when despatched and providing a tracking number.

    I should preface my thoughts by adding that I’m fairly new to DE shaving, and my comparison points are a Wilkinson Sword synthetic brush (now binned), an Omega 49 I use on my soaps and a best badger brush (Edwin Jagger I think, had it around a year) used daily on my creams. So in short, I’m no expert.

    Comes in simple packaging but was well protected in transit. The handle is a good size and of a nice enough shape to use, also came with a plastic drip stand. Tried it today with TOBS Avocado and I’m very impressed, the brush itself is very soft but not too floppy and it had no problem working the cream into a lather. Worked very well on the face. Barely any hair loss after soaking before use and during the shave itself, maybe one or two.

    I took a punt on it following Bruce’s article, thinking it’s not too much money lost if it wasn’t much good, but I really feel they’re something of a bargain and I’m glad I took the chance.

    I’m not sure what else you can say in reviewing a shaving brush, but I love it and will now use it every day.

  5. Searched on ebay for this brush, but don’t see any. Google turned up nothing either.

    Can you provide a link or contact info for ordering?


  7. I returned from a 9 day New England vacation early yesterday morning; lobster $4.79 per pound. The wife and I did not eat, we took on stores. My soap order from Sharon at Nanny’s Silly Soap came in the mail … no brushes. But today after returning home the US Postal Service was spot on. Lavender and Herby One as well as a 404 I ordered came in as well as the two packages from Hong Kong. I knew what soaps I would use but the decision was made to try the FS brushes first, then the 404. As posted, I first ordered the Finest Pure Badger Faux Ivory and then the Silvertip Butterscotch second.

    I like the weight of the Pure; its handles length cradled snuggly in my hand; a good fit. FS logo was a little washed out, so what? A wonderful “deal-deal” that Frank Shaving offered us all. Then I opened the 2nd package. Stunning is all I can say. Well polished handle with a beautiful peach color. A little wider, taller but less weight. This Silvertip wll have its work cut out. Nice badger hair and you can tell the difference. But the butterscotch looks rich and comes in a nicely packaged professional blue box. A dry run across the face a few times and there is a difference in feel to these brushes.

    Keep up the good work Bruce. I joined The Shaving Room and plan to post an introduction soon, as Peter recommended. I follow his blog too and hope to purchase his second brush offering in September; already a shill. Oh, one more thing, I got the anology of 85% boar 85% badger comment that got a few pip squeaks in an uproar on B&B.

    I followed your blog all through my time off and touring the East Coast, Boston and through Down East Maine. Have written Sharon a few times and owe her a picture or two. Visited all suggested sites by your postings I even was Lucky to buy Fido’s New Forest 2201; 1 of 150. I think we will be talking about these Frank Brushes in the same way. R/Robert

  8. Sounds like a great trip Robert.
    I think that you are right, the Frank shaving finest at $9.99 is an amazing bargain. It is the best budget brush in the market, but more than that it betters many far more expensive brushes.
    The silvertip is beautiful and incredibly soft. Mine is still running in and I am still getting used to it. It can hold a huge amount of water or lather.
    I think people who don’t buy these now at these silly prices will regret it later. In fact with the finest at $9.99 it is worth buying a couple with different handles.

  9. You are right in that assessment. I just now ordered the silver, for my son, with rosewood handle; Chritsmas is around the corner after all. I have searched the other blogs for comment on Frank Shaving and they have not picked up the scent. Now if he would only do a Beehive ….

  10. Bruce

    I have ordered a Frank Shaving brush and as I have the dimensions I know what to expect. I am sure it will be a very nice brush although not as firm as I would like. Men in the East prefer higher lofted brushes than enthusiasts in the West. It’s as simple as that. As to price, it is fair. The absolute key to pricing is how the brush is made. By far the cheapest method of producing a brush handle is by mould. That puts it in an entirely different cost structure to one that is individually hand made by lathe. Ian Tang confirmed directly to me that Frank Shaving brush handles are made from moulds. In that context the price is fair and the actual performance of the brush should be just as good as one completely made by hand. Some people simply prefer the idea of a unique individually hand made brush which although it looks the same has a slight difference from all the others. My first batch of New Forest brushes illustrated that perfectly to me.

    Keep up the blog. You are publishing a lot of very interesting material and it must be a lot of hard work.

  11. Hi Bruce,

    I like your blog. Two weeks ago, I decided to try and find a new shaving brush on E-bay. There I encountered the Frank Shaving brushes, and couldn’t actually believe I’d be getting a Silvertip badger brush for that amount, so I decided to have a quick google, and see what other people thought of it. That’s how I got to your blog, and that’s when I decided to give it try.
    This morning, I went to pick up the brush (it was offered at my place last week Wednesday, but as I was at work, and as the next two days were holidays, I only got round to picking it up this morning. As I knew it was waiting for me, off course I postponed my shave till after getting it 🙂
    And I wasn’t disappointed. A soft luxurious feel to the skin while lathering, enough backbone to my taste (and whenever in need of a little more backbone, I tend to grab the loft itself between thumb and fingers, thus making the loft shorter, and giving it more backbone), loading nicely with lather and holding lots of water.
    Whether the handle is made from moulds or made by hand is to me of no significance at all. I want a brush that allows me a good lathering, and this one does, so I wouldn’t spend more for another handle. (No offence by the way Peter, your brushes are exquisite, and for a very fair price as well!)
    So this morning, an order from nanny’s silly soap company came in as well, combined with a delightful new brush and a freshly honed razor (yup, I’m one of those macho cut throat razor shavers :)) I had a wonderful shave this morning.
    And I fully agree with you, a nice traditional shave with good materials really kicks off your day, and for that, I set my alarm fifteen minutes earlier every day, as when I was shaving with multi-blade disposables, I had to force myself to shave me once a week.
    Thanks for the advice and greetings from Belgium

  12. Hi Bruce. Love your blog. After googling and reading your first review of the chinese brushes, I got on ebay and ordered a silvertip. It will be a while til I get it, because I am currently in Kuwait supporting Operation New Dawn. I might have to go ahead and get the butterscotch as well. Keep up the good info.

  13. Hi Bruce,

    Great post about Frank Shaving and the brushes. Quick question for you, are the “Finest” brushes better than the “Silvertips?”

  14. Be careful of there business practices.
    They are sloppy and have not made items to specifations.

  15. I make badger brushes as many from the states do. We receive our knots from China as that is where they come from. To answer the question is the fine better than silver tip? badger come in best or fine, better or finest and silver tip.

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