Odball shaving videos

Peanut butter as shaving cream:

The banned gay cat advertisement:

W. C. Fields Shaving Scene from “It´s A Gift” (1934)

Kids do dad shaving impression

The Big Shave 1967 Martin Scorsese

Shave game at the Northside church of Christ Sweethearts Banquet.

Charlie Chaplin from The Great Dictator – The Shaving Scene

Xtreme Shaves – Shaving Extreme !!!

Barber Shaves With Feet

Fastest Straight Razor Shave On Youtube

Girl shaves every part of a man’s body

The Siren Girls at Frank’s Chop Shop

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  1. Fastest Str8t shave. Wow, just call it pure train wreck. They left out the part where he goes and gets in his car to pick up his date.

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