October 2010

Human facial hair

I thought it would be interesting to take a look at what it is that we spend so much time and trouble (and with traditional shaving, enjoyment) cutting. A hair […]


Frankenrazor is a term used in the shaving community to describe a razor that is made up of bits from one razor and bits from another razor, so what you […]

My custom shaving brush

A while back now I bought a handsome looking secondhand shaving brush on eBay, the handle was very fine marble but the knot could have been better. When it arrived […]

The shavepocalypse

The key to traditional shaving is the double edged (DE) safety razor blade invented by King Camp Gillette which has been in continuous production now for over 100 years. This […]

Flying Eagle safety razors

When it comes to traditional shaving I have a fair bit of kit, however it is far less than many others own and I am a user of this stuff […]