Flying Eagle safety razors

When it comes to traditional shaving I have a fair bit of kit, however it is far less than many others own and I am a user of this stuff not a collector. OK so I have two Toggles, but one is going for replating whilst the other stays original. But in general I think that I have the OCD under control.

However I must admit that Flying Eagle razors are very tempting and I have written about them before. Mostly I like the beautiful embossed tin travel boxes they come in. But some of the coloured handles are also nice. These razors have been in production for some years and there is a wide range of box designs, many with different moving pictures on them. This wholesaler in Hong Kong has a good variety.

They are made in Shanghai, China by Kwang Yung Safety Razor Set Factory but they are not generally sold in the West. However they sometimes come up on eBay for very low prices indeed, mainly because most people don’t know what they are. To shave with they are reasonably mild but quite effective. You could definitely actually use one as a travel razor.


  1. Not my cup of tea.

  2. I went for the cases as well. After reading this article, I went to eBay and typed it in … Wow. Christmas present for my son and I. Didn’t know about them. Thanks.

  3. The colored plastic ones are being sold on eBay and Amazon. Uxcell sells them on Amazon for under $5 w/ free shipping. On eBay they can be found by searching ‘razor shaver double edge’. Again, they are under $5. I just bought one. They look so cute and vintage! Hard to pass up, really nice bright colors. I like all versions of the Gillette Techs (no so much the ball handle) so I hope it works well. For $5 it is hard to pass up.

  4. Hi there.

    I went to a vintage clothing/ accessories fair yesterday & passed up the oppportunity of buying what looks very much like the boxed razor you have (top picture, top far right)- I was wondering if you could tell me the make/ model of this or any key words so I can scour the internet for something similar. Regretted not buying it almost immediately! Thanks for any help!

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