Vintage starter razors just $10 each

I think this is a fantastic thing that has been done here. Stingraysrock (Jeff) is a member of the Damn Fine Shave The Shave Den forum who is selling off a quantity of vintage razors for just $10 each. These are mainly Gillette Super Speeds and he is doing this specifically to help introduce people to double edged (DE) shaving. The Super Speed is perfect as a newbies razor. Obviously these are not in Collectors’ condition, but they are more than adequate for actually shaving with.

Not only is he helping others discover the joy of traditional shaving, he is also contributing $2 per razor to Damn Fine Shave The Shave Den, which is one of the few forums that deserve such support.


  1. Bruce, it is The Shave Den, not the Damn Fine Shave 🙂

  2. Oops, sorry. Now fixed.

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