iKon Total Razor Set

iKon Total Razor Set

This is a very nice idea indeed. The iKon razors are widely considered to be amongst the best currently made. Their components are hand machined out of solid blocks of stainless steel to fantastic quality standards. However the potential buyer is presented with a problematic choice, because there are two different heads available.

The standard head has a solid guard bar and shaves more mildly, the de-luxe head has an open comb and is somewhat more aggressive. From a component point of view the only difference between the two razors is the bottom plate of the head. So now iKon are offering a package of a razor with both bottom plates (and also one of their rather nice razor stands). Which means that customers can easily change their razor between the two specifications. A good idea.


  1. I bought one of the open combs at pasteur
    in new york city. I love the close shave i get
    along with the weight of the bulldog handle,
    it shaves itself, you don’t have to use any pressure
    The other razors i saw at pasteur did not compare
    in both price and quality, the other stainless steel
    razor was more than twice the price and the other
    razors were plated cast metal.

  2. Nice to see that it comes with a stand

  3. My Ikon open comb in matte finish with a bulldog handle, #61, has become my favorite razor. The combination of ample heft, deluxe good looks, and quality manufacture will serve me well into the future. Facial stubble begins to quake and stand at attention at the sight of this facial scythe.

  4. I ordered this total set from Greg on November 19th. It was here in Belgium on November 22nd.

    I will shave with the open comb head tomorrow. The only feedback I have about the razor’s construction are that it is the shortest handled razor I own, and the mating surfaces on the handle and the base plates could stand to be finished better. The handles causes slight galling to the bottom of the base plate when it is tightened. I smoothed off the top of the handle with one of my fine honing stones and it smoothed the tightening operation right up.

    The other thing I’d have done with that steel holder would be to machine the base out a bit so it’s slightly hollow. It would be more stable.

    This instrument makes the third stainless double edge razor I own. The total set costs almost as much as I paid for my Feather All Stainless, but comes with two different base plates for the head. It cost more than a hundred dollars less than my Pils stainless.

    One way or another, unless I can’t bring myself to give up a couple of them, I’ve got a stainless steel razor for myself and my two sons on hand. I’m anxious to see how the iKon shaves tomorrow morning.

  5. Other than the open/closed comb of the Ikon H2O, are the Ikon modern razor and OSS models made from 100% machined stainless or are the heads and blade plates from cast stainless machined to fit the blades? There is a lot of confusion here as even the Feather was rumored to be all stainless, but their heads are cast stainless and machined.

  6. I have just been noting comments here,and on other sites about cast or machined heads and handles on razors.Having worked with metals with lathes and casting in a very small way,the only thoughts i have on the matter is this.1,that the handles are indeed turned on a lathe from rods.That is a relatively simple job to a trained craftsman. And 2,the head is a much trickier bussiness,so i expect this is cast,which is fine,because you need the central bar with thread to screw into handle.Then the finer points are machined.If it is machined as a whole from a block then i am at a lose of how they do but would love to know.And if it is i am surprized at the bargain price we are getting them at.When i made hand made items from pewter i only had 1 client who passed comment on price for such a small item……until he seen my costs for metal and the time spent in making his items.Like i said i could be wrong but its just a thought;Hope it helps to those who are pondering but both methods are strong.

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