November 2010

I have written on here in the past about the technique of corking razor blades to make them smoother. Here now is the technique of palm stropping razor blades which […]

iKon Total Razor Set

This is a very nice idea indeed. The iKon razors are widely considered to be amongst the best currently made. Their components are hand machined out of solid blocks of […]

We all know that most of the existing shaving forums leave a lot to be desired. Banning good members, deleting good content, allowing bad behaviour, behaving hypocritically, favouring certain vendors […]

Site update

The first full day at Bruce on Shaving was 8th July, so we have been going about 4 months, in that time there have been 147 articles written and 325 […]

Wander round the online shaving forums and you come across lots of beginners asking the same questions again and again. Whilst some may find this a tedious misuse of bandwidth […]