shaving cream

The New Forest 2211 is now available

Fido is a retired senior local government officer who has taken up a series of interests to fill his retirement, which he blogs about. Initially this was bells, the sort […]

Shaving cream was recorded by Benny Bell in 1948 but was considered unsuitable for general audiences. It was re-released in 1970 and sold more than a million copies. ARTIST: Benny […]

Shaving in Spain

My parents retired to Spain about 30 years ago and so I have been a frequent visitor ever since. One result was being exposed to the fantastic Spanish bath soaps, […]

Fun in the shower

I have written on here before about the Ace fogless shower mirror which uses a patented water reservoir to stop it misting up in the shower. The problem with this […]

Peanut butter as shaving cream: The banned gay cat advertisement: W. C. Fields Shaving Scene from “It´s A Gift” (1934) Kids do dad shaving impression The Big Shave 1967 Martin […]

My "go to" shaving kit

One of the great joys of real, traditional shaving is the huge diversity of kit available. You could have many dozens of razors without having two the same, the same […]

More on Frank Shaving brushes

I have written on here before about Frank Shaving brushes from China and how they are remarkably good quality for not much money. The value is so good that I […]