If you are in London on the 22nd. Discounts at Truefitt and Hill (also online)

I have written here before about the famous grooming shops in St James’s in London and especially the three “Ts” of Trumpers, Taylors of Old Bond Street (TOBS) and Truefitt and Hill (T&H) who sell some of the very best shaving products available. These products are sought after and sold worldwide making them one of the cornerstones of the resurgence of traditional shaving.

T&H have a long history going back over 200 years and during that time their clients have included many of the rich and famous including Sir Winston Churchill, John Wayne, Prince Charles, Michael Schumacher and Frank Sinatra. Their current London premises (they have had several over 200 years) is at 21 St. James Street in London. And every year they have an anniversary celebration. This year it includes a 30% discount on their Trafalgar range as you can see:

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  1. Nice touch by these guys. One of the things Americans love about England is the classy traditions and celebrations enjoyed by the mother country. Congratulations Truefitt and Hill and many more successful anniversaries.

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