Fun in the shower

I have written on here before about the Ace fogless shower mirror which uses a patented water reservoir to stop it misting up in the shower. The problem with this device is that it is only sold in the USA, it seems that we Europeans don’t appear on Ace’s radar. To get over this I arranged a transatlantic swap with an American real shaving enthusiast, in return for some tallow shaving sticks that are unavailable in America he sent me the mirror. And now it has arrived.

First impressions are that it is just large enough to do the job and that it is very nicely made. Finding the right place for it in the shower was the next task, somewhere where there was plenty of light and where the ergonomics worked. Then it was a case of reorganising the shelf in there to accomodate the extra kit.

First go was this morning. Using a Mergress XL with a Derby blade and a Simpson’s Duke 3 in best badger (10 times the price of a Frank Shaving finest) with Taylor’s of Old Bond Street Eton College Collection shaving cream. The mirror’s reservoir filled up very quickly and easily from the shower head and everything worked exactly as advertised, there was zero mist on the mirror and it was very easy to shave with.

Three benefits were immediately apparent compared to shaving at the sink, firstly it is possible to adapt a two handed shaving technique with the left hand feeling for the stubble and the right hand wielding the razor, this would make an immense mess if you tried it outside the shower and is very effective for getting the best shave. Secondly it is very easy to rinse the face very thoroughly of all lather, including behind the ears! And thirdly everything remained nice and warm throughout the shave.

With further practice this can only get better so the Ace mirror definitely brings a whole new element to the traditional shaving experience.