July 8, 2010

I went to T K Maxx

Now I know that I said I didn’t need any more shaving soaps and creams, but a journey that went straight past T K Maxx was more than a little […]

Vulfix shaving brushes

There is an immense, an almost bewildering, range of “British” shaving brushes. They come in a wide range of sizes and shapes, they have different sorts and different grades of […]

Some shaving blogs

This is only the second day of Bruceonshaving.com, so there isn’t much content yet. However there are a plethora of well established blogs out there with absolutely masses of articles […]

My shaving soaps and creams

As a demonstration of the luxury, the joy and the experimentation of Real Shaving I thought I would list my current shaving soaps and creams. This is not showing off, […]

I said earlier that the cornerstone of the Real Shaving movement is the internet. The big global shaving companies want us to only buy our blades from them and they […]

My Gillette Fatboy on #6

I opened my Fat Boy up to 6. And wow! A little introduction. Gillette made the Fat Boy for just a few years. It is a twist to open adjustable […]