Inside the Feintechnik GmbH Eisfeld razor factory

Feintechnik GmbH Eisfeld are a German manufacturer of all sorts of razors and blades, alongside multibladed razors they also make DE blades which are sold under the Croma name and several other different brand names. This is one of several promotional videos they have made, but this particular one has several shots of the manufacturing process in the factory.


  1. Interesting. Just recently ordered some Croma blades and will report on how they do. Thanks for the video.

  2. It doesn’t hurt the product at all that its spokesman is so cleanly and smoothly shaved himself. How do Croma blades compare with Feather? Just wondering …

  3. Just a quick word to say that I found your blog a few days back, and enjoy it a very much, particulary videos of men shaving with rocks, roofing knifes etc. I would be interested to find out where your wife bought your Mergress razor.

  4. The sole stockist of the Mergress is Lee’s in America:

  5. Thanks for the tip, have to wait and see what Father Christmas brings.

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